A swagger alternative for Laravel, to auto document Laravel API from the request rules and routes list.

In this story, I am going to share the approach to generate documentation automatically for Laravel API and routes without writing and maintaining Swagger annotations.

Swagger is a great tool to write API documentation. But there are a few issues.

※ Please also note that these are not directly Swagger issues, as swagger is not just a tool for Laravel but any other API documentation. …

How to automatically generate Entity Relationship Diagram in Laravel.

In this story, I am going to share an approach that I have used to automatically generate Entity Relations Diagram (ERD) in Laravel. This approach uses Schema , Eloquent\Relations and GOJS, to for automatic ERD generation.

★★☆For source code and DEMO please scroll down for the links.☆★★

Problem with the existing solution

There is one ERD generator package available github.com/beyondcode/laravel-er-diagram-generator.

The problem with this package is that it creates a humungous ERD which is difficult to read. …

In this story, I am going to present an alternative solution to actions/cache Github action. This solution is mostly for self-hosted runners, running actions on Github Enterprise. As actions/cache are not supported on Github Enterprise, https://github.com/actions/cache/issues/505. Also, you might have noticed a warning show that upon the cache step: Cache action is not supported on GHES.

Later in this story, I propose a temporary alternative solution, which you might find useful.

Image from Twitter. Tweet Embedded below.

The cache action will not be supported on GitHub Enterprise Server, at least for the initial release. If there’s a strong demand for caching on GHES, this could definitely…

Install and manage Go versions on Mac or Linux.

gobrew. Image by Author.

In this story, I will share yet another Go version manager that I developed. The Go version manager’s name is gobrew which is inspired by nodebrew.

Frankly, there are a few version managers for Go already available on Github. Such as GVM and goenv.

2 problems with goenv that I faced while setting up, were 1) the multi steps setup process with commands such as shell rehash and 2) request a pull request whenever a new version of Go gets released. …

Learn by comparison — Features of 4 typical graphs

In this story, I will introduce how to select and create the type of graph, so that everyone can effectively understand, what you want to express with data at a glance.

This article helps you decide when you think which graph should I used, or which graph is best to represent your data.

An important factor for effective graphs is that your graph should do one thing and one thing best.

This term is commonly used in programming, known as the Single responsibility principle.

Similarly, with respect to graphs, we'll use the terminology “One claim for one graph”.

This is…

In this story, I am going to share the roadmap to learn Typescript. This is good for the learners starting with zero knowledge to become an expert. This comprehensive roadmap is designed to get you started with using Typescript in your projects or translate existing Javascript projects to Typescript for scalability.

Typescript — Web Developer Roadmap

Typescript 4 is released and more projects are adopting typescript. With this release, TypeScript brings the final, stable version of their latest update.

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash

In this story, we will share a tool that you can use to embed code and highlight it using the medium’s default pre-code block. Furthermore, we will also discuss the pros and cons of using embeds like Github Gist, JS Fiddle, or screenshots like carbon.now.sh.

As shared the embedded techniques by Manuel Dell'Elce in the article How to add code highlighting in Medium articles without leaving the editor. I would like to share yet another trick to high light code in Medium articles without leaving the editor and highlight code in Medium with its own default code tags.

※ Disclaimer…

In this story, we are going to demonstrate how you can add built-in speech recognition API to any text area, input field straight from the web browser.

You can use the browser’s inbuilt speech recognition API to enable dictation to the text area. It is helpful for the applications where you want to dictate your blog instead of typing it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Medium can allow speech to text to write stories? We are trying to solve a similar problem by using Speech Recognition API.

The SpeechRecognition the interface of the Web Speech API is the controller interface…

Latex.css, Medium Editor, GitHub pages & open-sourced community-driven resume builder.

I used medium editor and latex.css to develop an online resume writer. I always find Latex’s typography, and page layout perfect for writing letters resumes or detailed technical documents.

Latex syntax for a new user can be overwhelming. Therefore, I developed an online editor using the available rich text editor libraries and latex CSS.

The tool works well with writing Latex documents, simple flat documents with no learning curve. The tool also allows us to print to PDF and export to MS Word. …

A simple react component to convert any nested JSON object or array into an HTML table.

For this implementation, we will create a simple component in React that converts any nested JSON object into an HTML table. I have used bootstrap classes to render the table in this example. But the setup is kept to minimal for you to make changes as per your needs.

At work, we develop many admin panels for our enterprise solutions. One of the issues when creating an admin panel is to render data from SQL into the HTML Datatables. As it becomes hard to…

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